The Marblehead Lightouse by Dorene Paul

The Marblehead Lightouse

by Dorene Paul

The Marblehead Lighthouse in Marblehead, Ohio.

The Marblehead Lighthouse in Ottawa County, Ohio is the oldest lighthouse in continuous operation on the American side of the Great Lakes

The first lighthouse keeper was Benajah Wolcott, a Revolutionary War veteran and pioneer settler of the Firelands.

William Kelly was the mason in charge of building the Marblehead Lighthouse. He lived in a house which still stands in Marblehead.

Thousands of tourists visit the Marblehead Lighthouse every year.

While sitting on the rocks near the lighthouse, visitors have a spectacular view of Lake Erie, while enjoying the refreshing lake breezes.

The Lighthouse is beautiful even in the winter months.

Take a break at the lake at the Marblehead Lighthouse!

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The Marblehead Lightouse by Dorene Paul
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