Storyweek 27.4 - 4.5. by Edgar

Storyweek 27.4 - 4.5.

by Edgar

Every Friday, there's new week in pictures - Storyweek, made by my makers. With love. Lots of love. Have a nice weekend!

Oops, this is the 1st time, I'm late with StoryWeek, but I didn't forget, NO! I was traveling, again. And have great stories to share.

Let's start with my favorite day - The Star Wars Day! Look what this maker Tom Misley made from Legos. Are you in love, too? ;)

The secret to a better reputation isn't better adjectives-it's better storytelling. Couldn't agree more. Find out more:

“Make New Mistakes. Make glorious, amazing mistakes. Make mistakes nobody’s ever made before,” Neil Gaiman via

This is one hell of a proverb: a picture is worth a thousand words. So use infographics!

And yes, I do love France. I've met many makers, friends and had awesome 2 days in Paris. And YES, I'm back on 21-22 June for Maker Faire.

The Disrupt NY Hackathon just happened & it's almost my 1st B-day (yay!). Oh... all the nice memories... More to come, in a few days!

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Storyweek 27.4 - 4.5. by Edgar
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