Edgar: an analysis by T H

Edgar: an analysis

by T H

Whether you're a maker, a crafter, or literally anything else, Edgar is giving you the tools to share your story with the world.

Edgar is here to give you the user experience you need with rich visuals, connectivity, and a supportive team of experienced storytellers.

Edgar is up against Visually, an infographics peddler. But with a price tag of $1,000, Visually is a bit out of reach for small businesses.

People are excited about Edgar's look. Storytelling is a trend in advertising, and Edgar is capturing the moment!

People aren't convinced that Edgar can benefit them. Edgar needs a point of difference to coax businesses into putting in the extra effort.

Edgar needs to give people a way to make creative infographics. It needs to set itself apart. Something it hasn't done yet.

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Edgar: an analysis by T H
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