Podim 2014 - day 1 by Damjan Obal

Podim 2014 - day 1

by Damjan Obal

The first day at the Podim startup conference in Maribor, SI.

Let the Podim 2014 begin. The startup conference in my lovely hometown.

Kicking off with the mr. Story himself. Mark Johnson - former CEO of Zite. The guys who sold his company. Twice.

Always provocative Matej Golob lead a fun panel on the fake feeling of success. "What to do with an ugly baby?"

Yo. The rockstars ready to go and pitch the panel. Tadej from Via-app and myself posing for the epic selfie.

Pitch done. Time for another fun panel. And look who's there. It's our friend Robi from TvBeat.

And there goes the first day with The announcement. Slovenian startup of the year is @H20Pal. Congrats folks! Now, let's hydrate.

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Podim 2014 - day 1 by Damjan Obal
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