Podim 2014 - day 2 by Damjan Obal

Podim 2014 - day 2

by Damjan Obal

Ciara Byrne (@deciara) with not one, but two keynote on day 2. "How to pitch tech press?" "Avoid the trends."

The passionate Rob Fitzpatrick (@robfitz) on how to validate ideas with the help of his Mom Test.

The panel on pivots and flops. With Ivo Špigel (@ivospigel) looking sharp and serious :)

Andrea Spiegel (@andreaitis) from Forbes with a lovely talk on how to #beBold and passionate with your startup.

After the keynotes it was time for workshops. One of them with Max Gurvits (@MxGur) on how to pitch your ideas to VCs.

... and finally, the ending keynote on Running Lean by Ash Maurya (@ashmaurya). See you next year peoples. For #Podim2015.

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Podim 2014 - day 2 by Damjan Obal
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