StoryWeek, 10 - 11.5. by Edgar

StoryWeek, 10 - 11.5.

by Edgar

Every Friday, there's a new week in pictures - Storyweek, made by my makers. With love. Lots of love. Have a nice weekend!

I’m in looove with small crafty things, like this miniature book of historical events made by artist Evan Lorenzen. Looks beautiful, ha?

In Slovenia, we celebrated it already, but huge part of the world sang the song to their moms on May 11th. Happy mother’s day!

Developers are helping rural coffee growers get more connected with weather patterns, which in turn means cheaper, tastier coffee for you.

Adobe believes, that behind every face there’s a story to be told. Hello Voice! Amazing job you’ve done in the world of storytelling!

Wednesday was the day for pitching. My maker Damjan took me on the stage, and shared my story on Podim coference in Maribor. It was great!

Also, I’m more than happy to announce the newest feature: Edgar’s StoryFeed! Check out what happened at Podim:

I'm happy for every each DIY enthusiasts who pops up in the startup world. Thumbs up, Insta-DIY & good luck Madesquare!

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StoryWeek, 10 - 11.5. by Edgar
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