Bazilika by Man Gurman


by Man Gurman

It`s a family story with a desire to be simple and little different at the same time. And to create a story that will last. To leave a mark.

For many years we dreamed that it will end like this. Now it`s reality. We have a nice place in a nice part of Ljubljana.

What do we do? Especially we love to cook. And create. All sort of dishes, plates, main courses, deserts - you name it.

Satisfy our friends and guests is our main goal. And some guarantee - your meal consists of only fresh ingredients! We promise :) !

As fresh as it can get! From marketplace directly to your soup. Aren`t this chanterelles and porcinos amazing?

This is what we do with chocolate, mascarpone and apricots. Our way. We challenge you to beat that :)

`Sun` with pumpkin seeds. Smile, eat healthy, be happy, visit us: Welcome!

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Bazilika by Man Gurman
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