Cinnamon and Thyme by Man Gurman

Cinnamon and Thyme

by Man Gurman

Ana loves people who love to cook. And there is no need they have to be professionals. She is attracted to simple food.

Ana. Master of delicious dishes and plate settings. And her potica, one of Slovenia's original desserts. This time vegan-hazelnut-cacao.

She likes vintage style. She loves laces, old spoons, forks and everything with its own story. Now she already has a collection of stories.

Most of her friends already know how much she looks forward of an old piece (cup, pot, whatever). She really takes care of this pieces.

We are all visual creatures. It`s important how food looks like on a plate, isn`t it?

Someone took a piece of this gluten free pie with wild strawberries. Catch the `thief`! :)

Visit Ana on her blog where food meets love and life. Happy baking!

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Cinnamon and Thyme by Man Gurman
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