Soul's Tears by >_<

Soul's Tears

by >_<

This is story is about a half elven woman thief, Marian who is thrown into a game of cat and mouse after opening the cursed book of Shadows

Parsi, sighed while walking down the well-beaten path. "Traveling SUCKS!" he said. This was the third day down the dusty path, and he had

he had still not found an Inn. The wind picked up and tussled over his long dark amber waves. The wind started to grow stronger causing his

sword to clatter next to his armor. Turning his head, he could almost hear something ... That was shouting perhaps? Squinting his eyes as

as the wind was causing them to tear up, as he faced into it. *WHAMMM!!* A very tall woman comes out of nowhere from behind him. This causes

both to fall over in a tangled heap of arms and legs. Parsi said: "GET OFF OF MY SWORD, BEFORE YOU HURT YOU'RE SELF LADY!! " The woman

jumped up quickly careful not to cut herself on its razor sharp edge. "What are doing walking around with a sword not in its scabbard

scabbard anyway?!? "She yelled. "He got up quickly, brushed the dust off of himself. As the wind died down, he could see her clearly for the

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Soul's Tears by >_<
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