Souls tears continued by >_<

Souls tears continued

by >_<

in the grand city of Laaik. Opening the book, has drastic consequences. It's a race against time while she races back home in hopes of findi

Her face was of great beauty, long light blue hair flowing down her back. However, why were her ears, pointed?!? "Who are you..?, and you're

awfully tall for an elven woman!" Parsi said. "*snorts* "My name is Marian. "Parsi replied "Awfully snippy for someone who ran right into me

, Well are you going to answer my other question?? "Marian replied "That sounded more like a statement, fine, I'll answer it, I'm half human

(The sound of hoof beats could be heard from down the road.) Marian whirled quickly on the balls of her feet turning towards the sound.) "OH

CRAP!" Urr. Ummm .. Nice meeting you Parsi BYE!" That elven woman took off at a sprint causing the dusty path to plume up into the air,

within seconds she was gone. "Hey Wait!! Where are you going?!?" Parsi shouted. Marian Finally stopped about five kilometers down from the

path and diving in the nearby forest. Her chest was heaving causing her amulet to bounce out of her leather vest. Grabbing it, she shoved it

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Souls tears continued by >_<
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