Souls Tears part 3 by >_<

Souls Tears part 3

by >_<

finding way of stopping what she unleashed. ... As the ancient evil spreads throughout the world bend on destruction.

back in under her vest. Concentrating she called from the shadows to cloak her from sight. Nodding to herself, she crouched arms near the

ground tip-toeing along the side of the woods. Thinking to herself "look in one moldy old book and the whole city is after you! It's not my

fault the blasted thing had a curse on it!!" *chills go down her spine* (as she thinks about the thing that came out of that book. The thing

that came out of that book. The thing caused the grand city of Laaik to go up in flames ... Flash backs of its citizen's screams still

ringing in her ears..) Wet tears stream down her face as she rushes North to her home over 4,828 (about 3000 miles) km away ... Parsi stood

alongside the pathway, watching the Elven woman disappear. Four men in full armor riding the silver horses of Laaik trotted up to him.

"Traveler did you see an Elven assassin run buy here? Speak Now, before I pull your tongue and hack it off"! The Laaikan Lead guard demanded

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Souls Tears part 3 by >_<
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