Souls Tears part 3 by >_<

Souls Tears part 3

by >_<

This "story" site is pretty jarring can only write in tiny amounts then 7 of those amounts per "story" Just plain evil. . . .

"Traveler did you see an Elven assassin run buy here? Speak Now, before I pull your tongue and hack it off"! The Laaikan Lead guard demanded

Foam frothing from his mouth as he spoke and rage in his eyes. Parsi arched his head and looked at the man.... "Woman? assassin? Nope, just

me and these here dang squirrels that keep steeling my bacon!!" He replied with a far too wide grin.

The horse men pulled their horses back, feeling unnerved with Parsi .. Typical of Peasants!! He says The Laaikan Lead guard. He spits on the

ground nearly hitting Parsi's foot. (causing his eyebrow to twitch a bit, going unnoticed) The men race off down the pathway, continuing to

hunt for the Elven woman. (thinking to himself, whew! It worked. Now why in hells, name did I cover for her?!? ..) "Ah well must be a sucker

for a pretty face." Parsi chuckles. "Something tells me that I had better to be going and fast." He says. He sets off at a faster pace then

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Souls Tears part 3 by >_<
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