Hiša Franko by Man Gurman

Hiša Franko

by Man Gurman

Paradise on Earth: beautiful nature, excellent cuisine, peace and quiet. Hiša Franko.

Hiša Franko today. What was here before? A roadside inn, refuge, village mill, stable, hospital during First World War, farmhouse etc.

House philosophy: local, seasonal. With a big spoon of Ana`s personality. Cheese from Tolmin, home made butter, lamb ... Did we say fresh?

Cottage cheese, trouts, mushrooms, wild hazelnuts, wild grasses, oysters, mussels. Only Ana`s imagination is the limit.

Sometimes even imagination can not follow the creations from Ana`s kitchen.

Ana`s dishes are full of love for ingredients, respect for environment and seasons. Her cuisine is a reflection of her childhood in Istra.

Ana Roš: cook, chef, food master. Valter Kramar: vine master, chef of vine cellar. Well-coordinated duo for a culinary experience.

Visit this paradise destination: turquoise Soča, green pools of Nadiža, forests and meadows. Peace and quiet. http://www.hisafranko.com/

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Hiša Franko by Man Gurman
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