Design thinking @eleven by Rene Tomova

Design thinking @eleven

by Rene Tomova

Design thinking and start-ups. How we help start-ups come up with relevant, desired products for the right customers.

Our start-ups immerse in the world of human centered design with the guidance of the Creative Shower Design Thinking Lab @CSDTLab

They capture what they know and define their territory. I.e. for - do you sell accommodation or outsource headaches for owners?

Then we take them on an exploration journey to empathize with users, uncover needs, motivations, values. We dig for insights & tensions.

Then we share stories from the field & discuss insights. Time to build the personas and customer journeys, the blueprint for all strategies.

It is often frustrating to get out of your head and into your customer shoes but it is 100% worth to make your product truly relevant!

Once insights and journeys are captured, creative juices start flowing. Teams generate tons of great ideas to prototype and test!

In the end, when all the pieces fall together you are satisfied and happy. Thank you #elevenz for staying with the tension and trusting us!

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Design thinking @eleven by Rene Tomova
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