Finland! by Maruša Novak


by Maruša Novak

Slovenia loves Finland. And oposite.

It was already in 2009 when I went to Rovaniemi. Soon, I fall in love with nature, people, and... studies.

But most of the time the nature was covered with snow, and ice. It was cold, -34 °C cold :) But I loved this weather, too!

I had so much fun, and did many things I wouldn't do otherwise.

I've worked with awesome people.

...on crazy projects. Since then, I'm planing to go back to this "off the map" town.

But today, it happened that Finland came to me. Two cute Finn friends Mirva & Noora came all the way to Slovenia!

To see the country they were studying in 9 years ago...

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Finland! by Maruša Novak
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