VIA × DLD Cities SFO 2014 by Tadej Mursic

VIA × DLD Cities SFO 2014

by Tadej Mursic

Shoot! We couldn't be at this years DLD Cities SFO 2014. But we are keen to participate with some Questions. Tweet: #DLDCities #VIA

Dear DLD Cities SFO participants, here are some Questions we are trying to answer @ the VIA HQ in Slovenia.

When will buildings with similar characteristics learn from each other?

Can buildings act like a swarm that collectively designs and adjusts energy saving patterns in real-time?

Are micro-energy-savings achieved through user behaviour in commercial buildings, the huge untapped potential no one is doing right yet?

Can micro-energy-management have macro-environmental-implications?

Can energy saving patterns from buildings in one city design energy saving patterns for buildings in another city?

We are keen to hear what you think. #DLDCities #VIA PS: Have an amazing time at the conference. See you at the next DLD Cities!

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VIA × DLD Cities SFO 2014 by Tadej Mursic
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