Rajzefiber biro by Maruša Novak

Rajzefiber biro

by Maruša Novak

My little Friday discovery - Rajzefiber biro, a Maribor Tour Guide and much more!

One day, I passed by little ex-flower shop and... there wasn't any flowers, but... a Major of Maribor opening this glassy doors. What?!

Soon, they explained - It's a Rajzefiber biro. Ha?! What?

It's a bureaux which provides & produces performative experience created by locals and art-facts made by Maribor's artists. Aha!

Soon, when I entered, I saw lots of beautiful artsy things, and great people around. Now, I understand. No flowers here :)

Just useful and lovely handmade beauties.

Soon, I forgot about the time, and ...

They even let me draw on the map! I marked my little secret places ;) Btw, they can take you on a tour as well! http://goo.gl/SkPDYW

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Rajzefiber biro by Maruša Novak
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