Artmar No.15 by Maruša Novak

Artmar No.15

by Maruša Novak

Artmar - art market that takes place in Maribor every 2nd Saturday in the month. You definitely have to be there! ;)

Today, I put on my feet the most beautiful and the best socks ever - Zulu Zion socks and went for a walk.

To the top of the beautiful Maribor! Well... almost.

And back to the Main Square, where were lots of creatives and even more handmade arts & crafts. It was time for art market Artmar!

Fruštek - the story about homemade crunchy muesli, or how breakfast can become a habit;

Vila Darila - little store with unique bags, clothes, badges and even earrings;

BikeLab, where you can find everything for your bike, and where every part of your bike is recycled. Really!

For lunchtime, there was a real bike auction. See you... well, every second Saturday! For more info: &

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Artmar No.15 by Maruša Novak
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