#mfp14: The Beginning by Peter Lubej

#mfp14: The Beginning

by Peter Lubej

First part of this big Maker Faire Paris story. Wait for more!

2D and 3D printing. Sometimes it is hard to imagine what kind of things we can really print today :) http://www.minicut2d.com/

For exemple one of our future colleagues. Check http://www.inmoov.fr/ Hand-made, do-it-yourself made, except one thing. It`s obvious :)

You can assemble also an irrigation system for your plants and flowers. How cool is that?! Visit us: https://www.facebook.com/biobot.fr

My personal assistant and guide all along Maker Faire. Just kidding. But sooner or later ... And wondering, what is he thinking right now?

Someone is taking a break. Searching for inspiration and new ideas. http://ikindamadethis.strikingly.com/

This Maker Faire is really from outer space. To be continued ...

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#mfp14: The Beginning by Peter Lubej
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