City streets rollerblading by Asja Ash

City streets rollerblading

by Asja Ash

ZZ CITY ON WHEELS rocked today! What's better than roller blading with a crowd on an empty road with nice basis + great music??

Zdrava Zabava -Healthy fun- organised 11. rollerblading party meeting on the streets of Maribor, Slovenia (Sports with Festival Lent 2014)

We were the Queens and Kings of the road!! The way led us from the centre trough the city, and back to Pobrežje. We finished at our start.

We even had guardians! And a wonderful weather for roller blading (:

Three types of wheel transport appeared. Where were you, other wheelers? :D

Our DJ, Media & Speaker drove on a truck with the sound system which we followed, most of us dancing to the beat while roller blading :D

After an hour and a half we were back at the start. I was tired, but If there was another round, I'd be the first behind the truck :D

It's a special feeling, sporting with so many companions! I promised to my body and soul to participate in this event every year :)

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City streets rollerblading by Asja Ash
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