#mfp14: Director`s cut by Peter Lubej

#mfp14: Director`s cut

by Peter Lubej

Second part of this big Maker Faire Paris story. Waiting for the next Maker Faire. What else to say other than ... DO IT YOURSELF!

Many different and interesting lectures/speeches were organised during our stay at #mfp14 - 3D, scientific expeditions, open source, design.

You need a chair, a vase? Let`s meet this huge 3D printer, made by http://www.drawn.fr/

This is “InMoov”, the first life size humanoid robot you can 3D print and animate. Check it out! http://www.inmoov.fr/

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll inspired Théâtre d’Ombre mécanique. Great work! https://www.facebook.com/leverlerideau

Many makers, many visitors. A lot of creativity, skills, passion, hard work. When mixed together, you get a magnificent Maker Faire Paris!

Pig is one of the smartest domestic animal known. More than cats and dogs, according to some experts. So let`s print them! :)

I totally agree with what they printed out. Chapeau, Bulb Zone! https://www.facebook.com/BulbZone

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#mfp14: Director`s cut by Peter Lubej
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