Edgar goes SparkMe by Damjan Obal

Edgar goes SparkMe

by Damjan Obal

The epic journey to the SparkMe conference in Montenegro.

Pilgrims by the road? Roaming gipsies? Nope. Our Edgar heroes on the journey to Montenegro.

And they arrive to the beautiful south.

And he's there too. Mister Biggs. The evil mastermind who decides which startup is The one to get the TC Disrupt tickets...

They better impress the man, then. It's pitch on the beach time.

Boy, it worked. Edgar was in the finals and... nailed it! Disrupt here comes Edgar, your friendly storyteller.

Time to celebrate. Our brave Edgars jumping in the not so warm water. @cikobarber @simonsov

What a conference with #sparkme gang. Cruzing the Bay of Kotor and waving Montenegro goodbye.

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Edgar goes SparkMe by Damjan Obal
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