Art Camp & Adventure Park 2014 by Asja Ash

Art Camp & Adventure Park 2014

by Asja Ash

Lovers of nature adding art to ordinary life, learning and exploring, relaxing under the mighty trees in City Park of Maribor |FestivalLent|

Art Camp = Culture Sports Art + Playing Learning Chilling Connecting Enjoying + Nature.

Sign: | The untold stories | Short story time | There's a storytelling version for children in Park :)

Park - old souls can rest while young play, neither of them bothering each other. But the most fun is to Play & Rest Together :)

I'm a young soul, so the City Park paths of Maribor always lead me to Lovely places, where I get lost exploring my mind

and search for everything that gets my soul, mind and body moving. So I found where Lively crowd of Festival Lent flows...

... from park to many different places through the city

where the atmosphere is so natural and genuine that it feels like we're all the same. Adventurelaxing souls ;)

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Art Camp & Adventure Park 2014 by Asja Ash
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