The Story of Stepsss by Nevena Ganeva

The Story of Stepsss

by Nevena Ganeva

For its half-Birthday, Stepsss reveals the story of the team.

Stepsss is now six months old. But how did it all begin? Let us have a quick time travel...

The summer of 2013. Five young people meet at a school internship, without having any idea they are soon to become co-founders.

October 2013. The team "clicked" so well, that they decided to participate in Startup Weekend Plovdiv. And got to 2nd place.

This only meant one thing - they will participate in another Startup Weekend. And they did. And won it.

January 2014. Next step: The team was invited to join the program of Eleven Accelerator Venture Fund. And the fun begun!

Where are we now? Work, work & more work (and running, of course!) We want to thank all of our mentors & friends for supporting Stepsss!

Stepsss has changed our lives. And soon it will change yours. Happy running!

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The Story of Stepsss by Nevena Ganeva
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