StoryWeek, 19-25.7 by Edgar

StoryWeek, 19-25.7

by Edgar

Every Friday, there's a new week in pictures - Storyweek, made by my makers. With love. Lots of love. Have a nice weekend!

No, bookstores aren’t fictional creations. If in Portland this is a must visit - Powel’s, one of the coolest bookstores I’ve ever seen.

It turns out, it’s all about having a good story these days. Whether it’s a hookup or a job interview:

People climb onto window ledges to avoid a bull during the bull rope festival in the streets of Grazalema, Spain.

A child makes a painting of cyclists during the sixteenth stage of the Tour de France.

Update, update. Great news dear storytellers. You can now invite your friends to join you #storytelling with me:

At least 2 Palestinians have been killed and 200 wounded in the West Bank during protests against Israel's campaign in Gaza, officials say.

Anatol Knotek creates brilliant and minimalistic pieces of concrete poetry that communicates messages in a way that words alone never could.

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StoryWeek, 19-25.7 by Edgar
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