Design thinking challenge at AUBG by Rene Tomova

Design thinking challenge at AUBG

by Rene Tomova

A design challenge at AUBG EMBA Marketing class. Demonstrating how to use the method for creative problem solving & new product development.

How Creative Shower (@CSDTLab) is challenging EMBA students to boost their creative powers to generate a myriad of ideas & solve problems.

20 students. 5 hours. 1 challenge. Lecture, games and work. Creative juices get flowing with smiles right from the very beginning.

The best way to get creative and generate great ideas is to create teams of people with diverse backgrounds & impose time constraints.

The challenge - redesign the car buying experience. The first output is the Persona - a portrait of your customer. In this case - Miss Busy.

The second output - come up with the customer journey together. Find the stages, touch points, moments of truths. Identify opportunities.

Generating ideas & prototyping them is always lot's of fun and a very revealing experience. If only car dealerships could see some of these!

After 5 hours we are satisfied, happy and smiling. We have challenged each other and learned a lot. Client is happy and so are we :)

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Design thinking challenge at AUBG by Rene Tomova
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