The yearly pilgrimage by Žiga Barber

The yearly pilgrimage

by Žiga Barber

Take the time to relax & rebuild yourself.

It starts with some great coffee in even better company.

You set sights on your destination, eager to arrive.

You know, the feeling when you catch the first glimpses of the sea. You truly realize your worries are behind you. Bliss.

You take another selfie. It's mandatory in the times we live in.

You arrive. It's as if you've been reborn. Can it get any better?

Enjoying your time off with true friends helps you reconnect, set priorities in life and find gratitude for what you have.

It reminds you to make the most of your time when you return home. It keeps you motivated to stay happy and achieve your goals.

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The yearly pilgrimage by Žiga Barber
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