EBEC 2014: 1st Competition Day by EBEC BEST

EBEC 2014: 1st Competition Day


It was the first competition day for the participants of EBEC 2014 Final.

In the morning, teams from 14 countries attended the Case Study and Team Design briefings, where they received the competition tasks.

Team Design task: Behind beautiful music lays elaborate engineering of sound. Build an innovative musical system controlled by a keyboard.

Case Study task: Half or more of the energy produced by factories is lost as fumes. How could we capture the waste heat for energy reuse?

Right after the briefings, teams moved to their places and started brainstorming, designing and crafting their ideas ...

As the work progressed throughout the day, specially branded resting area appeared to be a popular place to talk and refill ones batteries.

At the end of the day, Case Study teams already presented their solutions in front of the jury.

As there is a rumour going around that EBEC might make you famous, media team had quite some work to do in the evening.

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EBEC 2014: 1st Competition Day by EBEC BEST
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