EBEC 2014 - 2nd Competition Day by EBEC BEST

EBEC 2014 - 2nd Competition Day


120 students from 19 counties battle it out at Europe's biggest engineering contest. Let see what happened at the 2nd working day...

Participants in Team Design category were working hard to finish the task from the previous day: building an innovative musical system.

Meanwhile, Case Study teams received a brand new problem to solve today ...

... as professional engineers, their task was to develop a system for reducing dangerous dust in manufacturing sites.

For a bit of extra fun, we prepared an interesting contest: How many people can fit into EBEC car? We will test everyone's guesses soon:)

We were all waiting on the outcomes of the competing teams, and in the evening we gathered in faculty's main hall to see the presentations.

Some amazing, innovative and creative keyboard instruments were produced in the last 2 days.

In the other room, Case Study teams pitched their solutions for improving conditions in manufacturing sites by reducing dangerous dust.

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EBEC 2014 - 2nd Competition Day by EBEC BEST
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