EBEC 2014 - 3rd Competition Day by EBEC BEST

EBEC 2014 - 3rd Competition Day


120 students from 19 counties battle it out at Europe's biggest engineering contest. Let see what happened at the 3rd working day...

During the yesterday's free day, participants were recharging their batteries & enjoying a stroll along Riga old town in the sunny weather.

Next morning, everyone was sharp and ready for the 3rd competition day.

Case Study task, provided by European Patent Office, asked teams to file an opposition case against European Patent.

It was also time for 2nd Team Design task, presented by Fima: protect data center from 3 main damage threats; fire, water & object impacts.

Previously, we asked how many people can fit in our special (but rather old) car. Today, we set to find out ... Result? 16 :)

EBEC Regional and National rounds coordinators joined us in Riga for sessions, presentations and other activities to improve future EBEC.

The EBEC Show, Episode 3, Take 1: "Good evening everyone, this is Yasemin and I am welcoming the Latvian team here in our EBEC studio!"

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EBEC 2014 - 3rd Competition Day by EBEC BEST
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