EBEC 2014 - Last Competition Day by EBEC BEST

EBEC 2014 - Last Competition Day


120 students from 19 counties battle it out at Europe's biggest engineering contest. Let see what happened at the last working day...

Previous night, we've been enjoying Latvian evening - exploring Baltic traditions and workshops, and some even tried performing folk songs.

Despite going to bed pretty late, we were all ready in the morning to meet the challenges of the last competition day.

Case Study participants attended the task briefing by Deutsche Bahn: prepare a study on how DB Schenker Rail should engage in Russia.

In the afternoon, in was time for TeamDesign presentations. Task: build a data center case, resistant to fire ...

... water ...

... and strong impacts, caused by a drop of 32kg weight. In the end, the computer inside should still work! Impossible? Not really:)

Who will earn the title of Europe's best student engineering team? We'll find out tomorrow, after a Job Fair and official closing ceremony.

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EBEC 2014 - Last Competition Day by EBEC BEST
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