by Tjasa Pegan Leversund

An unbelievable true story about an artist who was UNKNOWN in his country, but a SUPERSTAR on another continent (and he even didn't know it)

Detroit(USA)-vs-Cape Town(ZA) An invisible prophet in his country. The Voice in South Africa where he was accepted, but didn't even know it.

People heard 'sex', 'sugar man' & 'antiestablishment' in his songs, and started protesting against the conservative system and apartheid.

Africans thought he was a superstar in USA, but it was impossible to buy his music there. In 1992 his 1971 album was released on CD in ZA.

Nobody knew anything about him. He was a mystery. What's his name? Did he commit suicide? Where did the money go? Music detectives WANTED!

A journalist figured out all the hints that led him to the artist. The artist's daughter found a webpage 'Looking for Sugar Man', her dad.

Sugar Man alias Rodriguez flew to Africa and had over 30 concerts for his fans. Malik, RIP, created an amazing Oscar-winning film about him.

Rodriguez, Elvis from the dead in ZA & a 'failed' TOP 5 artist in the history of music in USA! Today (age72) he's still touring the globe.

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