Jareninčan by Črnko Winery by Maruša Novak

Jareninčan by Črnko Winery

by Maruša Novak

Jareninčan, this variety of wine is one of the most desirous product of Črnko Winery.

Wine Jareninčan is a remarkable combination among several wines, which are each year specially adjusted to get harmonic and drinkable wine.

It's inspired with the old traditions and experiences in combination with the latest discoveries of viniculture and wine trade.

You can feel the freshness in the combination of Laski riesling, sauvignon, rizvanec & chardonnay, with the addition of yellow muscat.

The process of care and cultivation is completed in the wine cellar...

where Črnko Winery have bottled the vintage wine since 1984.

Jareninčan, Črnko's remarkable wine is born in beautiful Slovenia, and...

it has been part of the US wine market for many years now. The winery is already looking forward to the next success! http://www.crnko.net

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Jareninčan by Črnko Winery by Maruša Novak
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