Startup Chai by Tulsi Dharmarajan

Startup Chai

by Tulsi Dharmarajan

A journey about creating a collaborative space for dialogue, making friends, and creating happy moments.

We set out to create a collaborative space at The August Fest, a startup event in Hyd. No stage, no experts.

After a mad dash to create a space for dialog, we sip imaginary tea while we wait for the crowds to arrive.

The session gets kicked off with some real tea for the caffeine buzz to spark the conversations!

In the spirit of collaboration, we crowd sourced ideas for sessions and everyone had a voice with a vote or more!

Right from the get-go, folks have a lot to say! Everyone is an expert, everyone a participant.

And really we could not have done it all without Rasheed Bhai who brewed up some yummy irani chai all day long!

And so it's a wrap. See y'all in 2015!

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Startup Chai by Tulsi Dharmarajan
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