Sweet&Healthy by Klara Pelcl


by Klara Pelcl

How we started making perfect sweets for people on diets.

Who doesn't like sweets? But, when health issues kick in, sweets usually have to go...

Delving into diets and allergies, we found the best way to create awesome paleo, organic, gluten and dairy-free sweets.

Using our own chocolate, we can make all kinds of healthy goodies that taste delicious and make you feel great.

From Paleo twists to all-times classics like brownies...

To fresh and light paleo lunchbox ideas...

To sweet surprises for special occasions...

Our Yummy Paleo team keeps inventing healthy recipes using only the best local and organic ingredients. Check us out at yummypaleo.com!

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Sweet&Healthy by Klara Pelcl
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