Anti-Semitism by jesus garcia


by jesus garcia

history of anti-semitism

"Hostility toward Jews as a racial or religious minority, often accompanied by social, political, or economical discrimination."

That is the definition of anti-semitism, according to Webster. The first recorded racism occurred in 3 b.c.

The Egyptian were the first anti-Semitic people, followed by the people of Greece. The Roman people also had hate for the Jewish people.

In the middle ages the majority of the hate towards the Jews were from the Muslim and christian people.

The height of anti-semitism happened between 1942-1945 where approximately six million Jews died in Germany alone.

The most anti-Semitic region in the world today, is the middle east. Less then 10% of the people there have positive views of Jewish people.

The history of anti-semitism is a long and disturbing one, and to this day hate against Jews is still extremely prevalent.

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Anti-Semitism by jesus garcia
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