StoryWeek 13 - 19.9.14 by Edgar

StoryWeek 13 - 19.9.14

by Edgar

Every Friday, there's a new week in pictures - Storyweek, made by my makers. With love. Lots of love. Have a nice weekend!

Wow, watch all 100 years of East London style in 100 seconds!

Me, Edgar loves Vienna. And this is why I went on a Sunday trip. With some designs in my pocket ;)

Even if you’re too busy working on the tech side, you should make the space for your startup’s story:

Microsoft Has Acquired Minecraft For $2.5 Billion. They say...

"Those who tell the stories rule the world." Story by Shane Snow worth watching:

Islands, mountains, eagles, skiing, whiskey, castles and awesome clubs will still be Scottish.

Download or not to download iOS 8? ;)

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StoryWeek 13 - 19.9.14 by Edgar
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