What Anti-Semitism look like by jesus garcia

What Anti-Semitism look like

by jesus garcia

what anti-semitism looks like

There are three main types of anti-semitism, Sociology economic anti-semitism, religious anti-semitism, and racist anti-semitism.

Sociolog-economic, means The theory that Jews secretly conspire to achieve goals in their occupations to the exclusion of others.

Racism, means the belief that Jews are a lot different then non-Jews so they should be discriminated against.

Religious hatred means, when people have something against the Jews religion and they often believe that Jews killed Jesus.

When people are Socio economic anti-Semitic, you often hear people say "The Jews nearly owned all of Europe they deserved to loose a few."

When people are racial anti-Semitic you hear people say, "His long nose, long hair, and that black hat I can see that Jew from a mile away."

When people are religious anti-Semitic you often people say " I hate everything about there religion, by the way they did kill Jesus"

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What Anti-Semitism look like by jesus garcia
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