@Despark at StartUp Weekend Skopje by Despark

@Despark at StartUp Weekend Skopje

by Despark

Despark was part of Startup Weekend Skopje that took place Sep 19-21 where our CTO Stoyan Dipchikov had the pleasure to be part of jury.

Last weekend Despark took a trip to wonderful Skopje to be part of the local StartUp Weekend (#swskopje)...

...where 11 talented teams worked 3 days to build their ideas and impress the jury.

Our STO Stoyan Dipchikov had the privilege to be on the judging panel so he spend the whole day with the teams!

We wanted to make the day more fun so we brought along our GoogleGlass - one of the few in Bulgaria and Macedonia, for everybody to try!

Later on Sunday the pitches included Twitter for secrets, awesome game by 3 18-year old guys, apps for events, loyalty and finances...

But there was only one winner - Babblr (@Babblr_App), the app that helps you have fun!

All we can say is: Thank you, StartUp Weekend Skopje! We had so much fun and met many awesome people we hope to soon see in Sofia! :)

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@Despark at StartUp Weekend Skopje by Despark
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