Start-up Design Camp @ by Rene Tomova

Start-up Design Camp @

by Rene Tomova

The Creative Shower team ran a 2 week Start-up design camp at the Roof at Eleven. The results are better start-ups and happier investors.

What happens when 10 start-ups go through 2 full weeks of Creative Shower(s).

Setting the stage. So what's design thinking anyway? And how much real design and real thinking is there in it?

The beauty of DT is that it combines the freedom of design with the logic of thinking to create a unique set of tools to tackle challenges.

One such tool is the Persona. Another - the solution principles - what should your solutions abide by to be relevant to your users?

Another is the customer journey - what are the steps your users go through until they get your product. Where and how might you improve it?

And somewhere in the process creativity kicks in - like prototyping a decision making tool based on connecting unconnected objects.

So now we have start-ups who learned from each other, got closer to their audience, extracted insights and started making better products :)

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Start-up Design Camp @ by Rene Tomova
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