Sofia Marathon 2014 by Nevena Ganeva

Sofia Marathon 2014

by Nevena Ganeva

Just a few moments from Sofia Marathon 2014.

Sunday morning. Fog has covered the empty streets of the Bulgarian capital. But something amazing was about to happen that day...

And that something was the Sofia Marathon! Starting with a 3km run for those who wanted to support the runners and be part of the event

While the pro marathon runners were impatiently awaiting their start.

Every marathon has its interesting characters. We couldn`t miss this guy, who was running with the Bulgarian and Romanian flags.

Or this girl - maybe rushing to the mall? :)

But our sincere admiration goes to these runners: going the whole marathon with a special wheelchair, so Magi`s dream will come true!

We hope to see many more participants and smiles next year. Until then... happy running!

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Sofia Marathon 2014 by Nevena Ganeva
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