StoryWeek 3. - 9.1.15 by Edgar

StoryWeek 3. - 9.1.15

by Edgar

Every Friday, there's a new week in pictures - Storyweek, made by my makers. With love. Lots of love. Have a nice weekend!

Do you know how will brand storytelling look in 2015? I do.

Aurora, Zolt, Oku... what's your favorite gadget at #CES2015?! (Well, I do love the names...)

As a big fan of all kinds of animation there is, I'm in love with Boxtrolls. The movie is reshaping storytelling as we know it. For good.

"Real isn't how you are made... It's a thing that happens to you." Happy 100th birthday Allan Watts!

It’s true, words can be dangerous.

"All bricks fit together. Which creates a system that you can be endlessly creative in." Doesn't Lego has such a great brand story?

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StoryWeek 3. - 9.1.15 by Edgar
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