Lux Lives by Cassie McDonald

Lux Lives

by Cassie McDonald

Moments I have captured in my niece Lux's first two years!

Lux Piper was born on July 17, 2012. She is barely hours old and very alert. She receives a perfect apgar score.

Lux is a couple months old doing "tummy time." She is in stage II of sensimotor intelligence. She is able to coordinate her reflexes.

In sensorimotor intelligence stage III Lux is making interesting sights last. She is sitting up and started eating some solids.

Lux is almost a year and is walking. Stage four in sensiomotor intelligence. She is using holophrases such as "sissy" and "dada."

Here's the little scientist! 16 months here, she is into everything and putting words together. Has secure attachment with her family.

Two years old and full of personality. She is exhibiting social referencing. Loving all the "oohhs and ahhs" she gets for her new outfit.

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Lux Lives by Cassie McDonald
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