Evolution by Lynda Miller


by Lynda Miller

Phases of life

It all started one spring day when the ovum and the sperm came together as one = zygote. Explained by the science of human development.

23 chromosomes from both Mom and Dad with the X sex chromosome from Dad and a dominant-recessive eye gene also from Dad.

Resulted in an uncomplicated birth of a healthy, beautiful brown-eyed baby girl.

During the Sensorimotor Intelligence period (Piaget)first two years of life. Growth and evolution occur simultaneously, such as discovery

of Secondary Circular Reactions. Object permanence (Fazzi et al.,2011), gross/ fine motor skills of sitting, standing, walking and eating.

Current phase = Moratorium ~ she is a successful Junior in college 5 hours from home and belongs to a "crowd" (volleyball team).

Last stop ~ Identity achievement (Marcia, 1996) = I know who I am! Berger, Kathleen Stassen. (2014). Invitation to The Life Span

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Evolution by Lynda Miller
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