EBEC in numbers by EBEC BEST

EBEC in numbers


We have seen lots of news about EBEC during this year, but do we know how big is this project?

This year, 88 Local Rounds and 15 National & Regional Rounds were organised around Europe.

This competitions were possible thanks to the 99 Main Organisers who devoted themselves to the event, with their local groups (LBGs).

In total, there were more than 700 teams at Case Study,...

,...and almost 800 teams at Team Design

That means, more than 6500 participants involved in the whole project (if we wouldn't count all the organisers involved).

As you can see, 2015 has been an outstanding year for all of us, with all the support of organisers, partners and participants.

See you in few days! #EBEC2015

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EBEC in numbers by EBEC BEST
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