EBEC 2015 - 3rd working day by EBEC BEST

EBEC 2015 - 3rd working day


We're in the 3rd working day, here at #EBEC2015. Our Teams will receive their new tasks, powered by @Dell and European Patent Office(#EPO)

After an exciting free day, our participants came to work again on the 3rd working day of EBEC Final.

It was time to get to know the new Team Design task, powered by @Dell: build a green vehicle by reusing as many waste materials as possible.

Our Case Study teams got their new task as well, from European Patent Office (#EPO): to file an opposition against an European patent.

During this day, we also received new people in the EBEC venues: EBEC Happy Ending Meeting (HEM) participants and EBEC tasters.

Taste EBEC is an opportunity for all the passionate people to know more about competitions in BEST.

HEM is a meeting between Coordinators or relevant people of the NRR to discuss the current year and think about the future of the project.

The 8th of August will be the last working day for our participants.

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EBEC 2015 - 3rd working day by EBEC BEST
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