EBEC 2015 - Official Closing Day by EBEC BEST

EBEC 2015 - Official Closing Day


On the 12th of August it was the Official Closing Day, the last stop on EBEC journey for 2015. See you next time in Belgrade,Serbia.

First, companies showed us their work on Case Study presentations and presented their solutions to the case studies that they proposed.

After that, the Team Design teams had the opportunity to prepare and show their prototypes to the companies.

Next, they would have the Job Fair and the Official Closing Ceremony in an iconic building of Porto: "Palácio do Freixo".

On Job Fair companies such as "EPO" , "Colquímica", "Reply", "Deutsche Bahn", "Sakthi Portugal" and "Dell" attended.

After Jobfair, all the people involved in EBEC Project, company representatives and VIPs shared their impression about the event.

Finally, the winners of EBEC Final 2015 were announced from each task and in each category.

At the end of the day, the Official dinner was organised with the companies representatives and participants, next to the "Douro river".

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EBEC 2015 - Official Closing Day by EBEC BEST
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