Collaboration with Katie by kathleen cunningham

Collaboration with Katie

by kathleen cunningham

Uppercase Magazine is connecting readers and inviting us to meet and collaborate. We are Katie and Kathleen and here is our beginning.

Uppercase Magazine's Reader Connection Experiment: me, Kathleen in Oakland, with Katie in Berlin. We brainstormed visual ideas over Skype.

We came up with a pattern of squares and triangles to insert photos and words that will be an image about us.

I made a template and used random colors to send to Katie. I am already excited by the pattern of the template! Hmmm.

I started to split the triangles apart so Katie'd have accurate dimensions for her photos and word, but now I'm seeing the pattern evolve.

Evolve and change. It's turning into an animation even at this template stage.

What will this look like with our images and words?

Stay tuned to see how our project evolves. We are two artists, living our visual lives, connecting across time and space. xo world.

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Collaboration with Katie by kathleen cunningham
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