Hi, I'm George by Elle Blom

Hi, I'm George

by Elle Blom

The story of George.

I am 9 years old, so I am in middle childhood. I am tall for my age, being 60.7 in. (average 54.1) and 65 lbs. (average 70.4).

My parents are authoritative, so when I get invited to a friends house I can go, but they decide when I come home, or we decide together.

I am getting more aware of my spatial relationship. I am reading a map for a scavenger hunt. We are all dressed up for dramatic play.

My favorite thing is to play video games. I hate to be outside, so my parents force me to go outside so I stay fit, and I eat well too.

I love my family, but I hate when they try to say hi around my peers. I don't like to be embarrassed around my peers, so I stay included.

I hate to swim. I am 9 and have never learned to swim, and never had the urge to learn. I only like to go into hot tubs at hotels. But...

I am in a pool! I was at a party where all my friends were in the pool. I didn't like the rough-and-tumble play/splashing, but I had fun!

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Hi, I'm George by Elle Blom
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