Justin James Pelletier by Mary Pelletier

Justin James Pelletier

by Mary Pelletier

Justin James Pelletier is my little cousin. He was adopted by my aunt shortly after his birth. Here is his story.

When Justin James (J.J.) was diagnosed with an autism at 13 months, his family was devastated. Autism is a severe disorder of the brain.

The disease has a severe effect on social interaction, communication, activities and interests. Yet, JJ's condition couldn't hold him back.

He is active and inspiring. He is constantly on the go and doing something he loves with a smile on his face. He is full of love and spirit.

Autism has no known cause. His biological mother used drugs while pregnant with him, which can cause impaired neurological development.

1 in 68 children have autism and 4 out of 5 of those children are boys. There is a link between boys' larger brain size and autism.

JJ has difficulty with fine motor skills, like tying his shoes or buttoning shirts, however, his gross motor skills, like running, are great

With the help of his family, J.J. is able to live a pretty normal life. With his help, my family has gained a new definition of happiness.

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Justin James Pelletier by Mary Pelletier
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